Peter Batty

Special guest

Peter is widely seen as an industry leader in the rapidly growing field of geospatial and location technologies. He is currently CTO of the Geospatial Division at Ubisense.

Previously he has served as CTO at two of the geospatial industry's leading companies (and two of the world's top 200 software companies)

Peter served on the board of OSGeo, the Open Source Geospatial Foundation from 2011 to 2013. He served for 6 years on the board of GITA, the Geospatial Information and Technology Association, and was a member of the Advisory Boards of startups Public Earth and GeoIQ.

He has been a founder of two startups: Ten Sails, which provided early stage funding to, and later merged with, Ubisense, and Spatial Networking, which developed an online service combining social networking and future location to help people optimize travel and meet their friends more often.

He has been a member of the GeoWorld magazine Editorial Advisory Board since 1996, has published many articles and spoken at many conferences around the world, and has received a record nine speaker awards from GITA (the Geospatial Information and Technology Association), for presentations at their North American and Australian conferences. He has been involved with industry standards efforts including the Open GIS Consortium and IEC TC57 Working Group 14. Peter also worked in the geospatial field with IBM.

He has a Masters degree in computer science from Oxford University, finishing top of his year, and a BA in Mathematics, also from Oxford.

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